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I'm a retail and fashion reporter at Glossy, part of Digiday Media, based in New York. I have a deep affinity for the em dash and a fraught relationship with the Oxford comma.

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Undressed art small article

Hear the newest looks: Why fashion podcasting is seeing a boom

Snapchat may be the newest fashion-industry “it” platform, but another burgeoning form of media is quick on its heels – podcasts.

Relationup article

There's now an app for anonymous relationship counseling

Nowadays, you can pretty much get on-demand anything, and now that includes real-time relationship advice.

Shutterstock 271828373 700x525 article article

Tinder will now help you find free places to get tested for STDs

2015 was a rough year for Tinder. From Vanity Fair’s diatribe against the popular dating app for facilitating a “dating apocalypse” (and Tinder’s infamous 31-tweet response), to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s September ad campaign tying the app to increased STD rates, Tinder is now learning to take the high road.

Beach house article article article

Why Beach House provides the best daydreaming soundtrack

When I discovered Beach House in college, it was like I finally found a soundtrack to complement my whimsical thoughts. It was hard not to get lost in the effervescent synth beats coming from the dynamic duo of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally.

Artistry business thinking article
university of Chicago

Bringing Artistry To Business Thinking

John Michael Schert is bringing the artist's sensibility to the analytical Booth community.

Bryan johnson article
university of Chicago

Judges Evaluate a New Generation of Entrepreneurs

In spring 2007, Bryan Johnson, '07, entered the final round of the Edward L. Kaplan New Venture Challenge in the hope of advancing his fledgling company Braintree, a mobile-payment-processing business.

Yarn 310 article article article article

USA TODAY: Students use Kickstarter to fund special projects

If the world’s ending soon, you might as well look in vogue when it does.

Mancon davis article

Applying Artistry in Business

In his 50 years as a professor at Booth, Harry L. Davis has advocated facilitating the creative process in business, a notion he continues to champion in lectures often dominated by the school’s quantitatively-minded students.

300 1012 engineer article

Students work to bridge gender gap in engineering fields | USA TODAY

While being interviewed for an engineering internship two summers ago, Ohio State University student Ellie Cooper was told the position entailed an hour-long lunch break, enough time for her to stop by the mall and visit Victoria’s Secret.

Instagram article

Students innovate in ‘visual culture’ with Instagram | USA TODAY

Thanksgiving celebrations across the country were temporarily halted on Thursday as millions of Americans took a moment before digging into the turkey to whip out their phones and snap a photo of their feast.

Smartphone article

For students, smartphones advance professional lives | USA TODAY

While on the road to a job interview, recent Ball State University graduate AJ Bracken soon found he had not just one interview, but two — all with the help of a smartphone.

Coverrgb article
The Michigan Daily

Getting busy: Fulfillment without commitment at the University

An arduous week of academia paves way to the sweet freedom of Friday night, and the streets swell with a cavalcade of stilettos propping up scantily clad girls with berry-colored lips and black-rimmed eyes. With bags slung haphazardly across their shoulders, they sip on gin and tonics between shots of...

Sandy article

Students hailing from New York prepare to return to storm-ravaged homes | USA TODAY

A hydraulic excavator dumps trash, gathered into into a central location in Highlands, N.J., in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

Patrick fleming 2011 article
The Michigan Daily

Fleming remembered by Michigan Marching Band

Members of the Michigan Marching Band were gathered in Revelli Hall before practice on Monday when they received the sad news that their friend and bandmate, Patrick Fleming, had died in a car accident that morning.

300 912 iphone5 article

Students flock to buy iPhone 5 | USA TODAY

On his bus ride to class Friday morning, University of Michigan senior Drew Ariana whipped out his new iPhone 5 to respond to a text, and within seconds was surrounded by a crowd of gawking admirers.