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I'm a retail and fashion reporter at Glossy, part of Digiday Media, based in New York. I have a deep affinity for the em dash and a fraught relationship with the Oxford comma.

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300 1012 engineer article

Students work to bridge gender gap in engineering fields | USA TODAY

While being interviewed for an engineering internship two summers ago, Ohio State University student Ellie Cooper was told the position entailed an hour-long lunch break, enough time for her to stop by the mall and visit Victoria’s Secret.

Instagram article

Students innovate in ‘visual culture’ with Instagram | USA TODAY

Thanksgiving celebrations across the country were temporarily halted on Thursday as millions of Americans took a moment before digging into the turkey to whip out their phones and snap a photo of their feast.

Smartphone article

For students, smartphones advance professional lives | USA TODAY

While on the road to a job interview, recent Ball State University graduate AJ Bracken soon found he had not just one interview, but two — all with the help of a smartphone.

Sandy article

Students hailing from New York prepare to return to storm-ravaged homes | USA TODAY

A hydraulic excavator dumps trash, gathered into into a central location in Highlands, N.J., in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

300 912 iphone5 article

Students flock to buy iPhone 5 | USA TODAY

On his bus ride to class Friday morning, University of Michigan senior Drew Ariana whipped out his new iPhone 5 to respond to a text, and within seconds was surrounded by a crowd of gawking admirers.

300 8 mosquito article

West Nile outbreak spreads across U.S.

As students engage in a barrage of pre-class parties and warm weather activities, many may be unaware of a dangerous menace lurking nearby — a mosquito potentially carrying the deadly West Nile virus.

300 912 absentee article

Students can cast absentee, early ballots for elections back home

On Election Day, Fordham University student Canton Winer will head over to the Bronx to cast his absentee ballot for Florida, a historically critical swing state.