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I'm a retail and fashion reporter at Glossy, part of Digiday Media, based in New York. I have a deep affinity for the em dash and a fraught relationship with the Oxford comma.

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There's now an app for anonymous relationship counseling

Nowadays, you can pretty much get on-demand anything, and now that includes real-time relationship advice.

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Tinder will now help you find free places to get tested for STDs

2015 was a rough year for Tinder. From Vanity Fair’s diatribe against the popular dating app for facilitating a “dating apocalypse” (and Tinder’s infamous 31-tweet response), to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s September ad campaign tying the app to increased STD rates, Tinder is now learning to take the high road.

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Why Beach House provides the best daydreaming soundtrack

When I discovered Beach House in college, it was like I finally found a soundtrack to complement my whimsical thoughts. It was hard not to get lost in the effervescent synth beats coming from the dynamic duo of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally.