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I'm a retail and fashion reporter at Glossy, part of Digiday Media, based in New York. I have a deep affinity for the em dash and a fraught relationship with the Oxford comma.

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The Michigan Daily

Getting busy: Fulfillment without commitment at the University

An arduous week of academia paves way to the sweet freedom of Friday night, and the streets swell with a cavalcade of stilettos propping up scantily clad girls with berry-colored lips and black-rimmed eyes. With bags slung haphazardly across their shoulders, they sip on gin and tonics between shots of...

Patrick fleming 2011 article
The Michigan Daily

Fleming remembered by Michigan Marching Band

Members of the Michigan Marching Band were gathered in Revelli Hall before practice on Monday when they received the sad news that their friend and bandmate, Patrick Fleming, had died in a car accident that morning.

Onlinejfk article
The Michigan Daily

A plan for peace: How in 1960 two University graduate students helped propel the creation of the Peace Corps

At 4:15 a.m. on a summer morning in Guatemala, Alexis Guild stumbles out of bed and makes her way to the coffee maker for a fresh pot of java. Quickly dressing, she gathers her things and heads to the Capitol Building, where at 5 a.m. a bus waits to take her on a two-hour ride through the mountainous Guatemalan countryside.

Walkawy article
The Michigan Daily

Ann Arbor Affairs: Courting a campus

In the final vignette of the film “Paris Je T’aime,” an American woman travels to Paris alone, eyes wide with awe and bewilderment as she wanders aimlessly through the City of Lights.

Rickspread 0 article
The Michigan Daily

Election Issue: Rick Snyder

On a snowy evening last January, Rick and Sue Snyder bundled up in their warmest winter attire and headed to downtown Ann Arbor for a long-awaited romantic evening. As they began eating and talking about the events of the week, Sue suddenly proposed that Rick run for governor of Michigan.

Tmd2 article
The Michigan Daily

In Granholm's budget proposal, a restored but altered Promise grant

Though Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s proposed budget for the 2011 fiscal year includes funding for the Michigan Promise Scholarship, the reinstated program will now take on a new form....